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Tricycle Press a division of Random House

written by  Betseygail Rand & Colleen Rand

illustrated by CSW Rand

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From  BIG BUNNY by Betseygail Rand and Colleen Rand, copyright © 2011 by Betseygail Rand and Colleen Rand, published by Tricycle Press. Illustrations copyright © 2011 by C.S.W. Rand. Book Cover copyright © 2011 by Tricycle Press, from Random House 

 BIG BUNNY by Betseygail Rand & Colleen Rand

     At first Big Bunny loves being big, taking the other little Easter bunnies for rides on her back throughout the countryside. When she accidentally breaks some of the Easter eggs she is helping decorate, she begins to feel clumsy and frustrated by her tremendous size. Happily, her little bunny friends show her how to help with their Easter tasks in a way only she can. Young readers will relate to Big Bunny's feelings of being left out, and they will cheer as she and her friends join together in their Easter bunny circle.

    A charming tale of tolerance and acceptance not just at Easter but all year long, Big Bunny is available at a bookstore near you or can be ordered online today.

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