January, 2011   

Tricycle Press a division of Random House


written by  Betseygail Rand & Colleen Rand

illustrated by CSW Rand


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Paper Plate Bunny Basket


Materials needed: Paper Plate, Shredded paper or Easter basket grass, Crayons or Markers, Scissors, Stapler, Cellophane tape, Paper for printing,  

How to:

1. Click here to see the Bunny Basket Template.

2. Right click the template and select print.

3. Color your bunny basket, the handle and the little bunnies the way you like best.

4. Cut out the little bunnies, the handle and the basket pattern.

5. Fold paper plate in half.

6. Staple your folded plate 3 inches up each side.

7. Glue or tape your colored bunny onto the folded plate.

8. Staple or tape the handle to each side of the bunny basket at the top of the bunny's back.

9. Fill bunny basket with shredded paper or easter basket grass

10. Put your little bunnies  in the basket.

You're done!


Note: Folded bunnies can also be carried in your Big Bunny Basket